Sunday, June 1, 2008

I can has custmer servis?

There are huge websites out there for customer complaints ie but today I'm writing about a good experience I had with AT&T today.

I have a Cingular 8525 (made by HTC, now called the AT&T 8525, precursor to the Tilt). It's a higher-end PDA cell phone with a slide out keyboard and a touch screen, it's practically a palm-sized laptop. I love it. But last night, I had it on charge and all it would display was a red light. It usually has an amber light when it is charging. It refused to charge or turn on. I searched the internet and found the common name for this malfunction is RLOD (red light of death).

I figured this phone is done for, I've had it for less than a year so I was bummed. I looked online to see about buying a new one but I couldn't find one I liked as much for a price I wanted to spend. So, on a whim, I looked on the website to see if it was still under warranty. I found a number to call, not really expecting to get any help on a Sunday morning. But this nice lady answered, and she spoked American English and it was her native tongue. She asked me a few questions about the phone, pulled up my account, verified my info, and confirmed my phone was dead, and my warranty was to expire on June 13. Thirteen days from today!

So, I have a new phone on the way. The call did not take that much time, and I wasn't locked in some endless phone loop. I was never put on hold. It was all very easy and pleasant.

yay for AT&T.

Also, earlier this week, I called them for an unrelated reason about availability of service at my house, and they were also very helpful, spoke good english, and I wasn't put on hold.

I'm amazed.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I've seen lots of blogs recommending "blue like jazz" and I'm finally getting around to reading it. I've had it on my shelf for a couple of years. I read "story" a while back by the same author and loved it. Not sure what took me so long. I'm just on chapter 2, but I like it! It's an easy read, engaging and honest.

At the end of chapter 2, he (don miller) had me at Wilco. At that point I knew I needed to read it.