Thursday, August 30, 2007


It's been a while.... so here goes...

1. Fiddle contest has been postponed, so I don't have that to work toward. However, I've been asked to join in on a "paid gig" and I'm still debating on going. I'm afraid I'm not at the ability level that they think I am... But the thought of my first paid gig, wow! I'm also getting ready for a church performance, but I might just be singing for that one. My accompaniment has to work that day (who's also my dh!). I have a friend who might assist me, but I still have to ask him.

2. It's been a pretty stressful couple of months here. Money has been tight, and Bayleigh had a seizure that was unusual for her on Tuesday, and it lasted so long that the bus driver called an ambulance. She's okay now. Nothing that a change in seizure meds won't fix, praise the Lord. There's been other stressors as well, but I don't want to re-hash it here.

3. We painted inside our house, three rooms, foyer and hall. We picked very bold colors - dark green for the living room - mustard yellow for the kitchen, barn red for the dining room, and a dusty teal-blue for the foyer. It turned out great!

4. We got a new kitten (see last post). She likes to bat things around on the floor. She likes to push things around on the table and watch them fall. She likes to climb my leg using her claws as grappling hooks. She likes to attack my mother-in-law's german shepherd's tail, even though he could eat her whole in one bite. She likes to play in her litter box (ew!) She stalks and attacks imaginary objects. She's a busy little thing. She is a pastel calico, meaning instead of black, orange and white, she's gray, cream, and white. In certain lights she looks blue, pink and white.

5. Is it just me or to all gray cats fart excessively? All the ones I've been around do. This one is no exception.

6. My DH started school again this week. Which means I'm sleeping with a college student again. bwaa haa haaaa ha

7. My son taught me to play chess this week. He's quite good, especially for nine years old.

8. I needed a larger table because of the large gatherings we have at our house every weekend. We have at least three couples and their kids over for a bible study/fellowship. I dealt around and got a dinette set that had some problems - the table bows with both leaves in and the chairs are broken, all but one. So DH found something to shore up the table, and we are getting rid of the chairs. I've been on a quest to find a total of 8 - 10 old farmhouse dinette chairs, the more weathered the better, none of them match, but they all similar in size and rustic-ness. I found 2 around here, one at a consignment store, and one at an antique/junk store. So now I just need 4 - 6 more. It really looks nice in my house, with all the chairs mismatched around this big table with wormholes and dings and scratches. Plus its very inviting and not at all fussy. I want everyone to feel comfortable, not like they are in a museum. Great thing is - I got the table free just for hauling it out and hauling in a couple of buffet tables.

9. There are some potential changes for us on the horizon. The not knowing is the hardest part. I don't know if the change will be positive, negative or neutral. This is another big reason for #2 above. I keep waiting for news about it, but there's just silence. It might not happen at all. (I know what you are thinking, no, I'm not pregnant.) I'm only keeping hush about it because I can't make it public yet. It's really not that big of a deal.

10. I pounded the pavement today, I need to pick up some extra work, and now that the kids are in school, I can. So I carried business cards around to local businesses. When I work I can make decent money, but I only work a few hours a week right now.

That's mainly it, and that's enough in my opinion.

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