Sunday, July 1, 2007

Street Entertaining

I joined up with a group on Friday night that plays on the street corner at a local weekly festival. They played mostly country songs that I didn't know very well, but they passed me some breaks and I winged it as best as I could. I was asked to play the obligatory "Faded Love", which I turned down and played "I'll Be All Smiles Tonight" instead. "Ashokan Farewell" is another fiddle tune, and I was asked to play it and I did. We had an audience of anywhere from 10 to 25 at any given moment, but I doubt I was heard except a couple of songs where they passed me the mike. Unfortunately, a fiddle is not that loud with a group of guitars and mandolins, and a banjo, harp, and accordian. But it was fun. I was half the age and the opposite gender of all the other players so I stood out like a sore thumb.

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