Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Intriguing Idea

Today on the blog there is an article about minimalism - cutting your possessions down to 100 things. Here's the link to the article:

There are some rules that help - such as shared family items don't count, cleaning supplies, books, collections count as one item, etc. I know I couldn't complete this challengs, but I am going to challenge myself to make a list anyways, just because it's an interesting idea. I'll be completing this list over the next few days, so check back. Hmmm, I could even make a flickr blog about it... Well, here's a list of the no-brainers for now:

1. My bible. I understand books don't count but I'm including in anyway.
2. My fiddle/violin with accessories (I'm counting that as a collection). That would include case, rosin, tuner, bow.
3. Pared down selection of sheet music.
4. Laptop and accessories, with EHD.
5. PDA Phone w/ accessories
6. PDA w/ accessories. (this could possibly go off the list. I keep it because it's more powerful and has a better screen and more memory than the PDA phone. But theoretically I don't need both.)
7. Digital Camera
8. Printer
9. Photo Printer/camera charger dock.
10. A guitar. Jeff and I share them, but I'm going to count one.
11. A moleskine journal or knock-off of one.

That's what I've got so far. I'm concerned if I count clothing, make-up, and personal care items, I'm going to run out very soon.

Interesting concept though. i"m going to look at some other blogs doing this and see how they are doing it.


ScrapGirls Ro said...

OH way.... you're a musician! I actually sold my 1770 German violin (sniff sniff) to start Scrap Girls and reading your post made me sigh... But I still have my guitar and I have my piano. They'd stay. In fact, I'd keep a lot of things on your list.

Love this post!

Leigh Ann said...

Mine is old and rough, probably homemade, but possibly German as well. It has no label. I paid very little for it, and it needed some care when I got it. I fixed several things, and put new strings on it, and lo and behold it sounded wonderful - not in a 'violin' way but a mountain music, bluegrassy kind of way. I've had many people comment on what a great find.

I'm a little rusty with my playing because my latest 'gig' has been playing guitar in a praise band at church. But the fiddle is in my blood and I'll never stop playing it for long.

I never did finish my list, but it was a cool way of looking at things and realizing what is important in my life.

You should get you another violin one day... what a story, buying it to start a scrapbook business.

Take care!