Sunday, September 16, 2007


I read through my last cumulative post, and need to update. I nixed the paid gig, not up to playing with people I've never played with before, and songs I don't know. And not okay with accepting payment for what I know would be a poor job. And the church performance fell through.

But -- I was asked to be on a team for a co-ed Christian retreat for high school and college students. I will be one of the musicians. In fact I'll be the only instrumentalist on the female side (pressure!) I start practices on September 29. I hope and pray I'm experienced enough to pull this off. So I have to brush up on the guitar, since I'll be playing that a lot. The retreat will be four days straight of high-energy worship with kids with more energy than I'll ever think to have! So I figure I better start walking on the treadmill to prepare as well, lol.

I had really been wanting to work the women's version of the same retreat that Jeff is preparing for, but I was not chosen. Even if I had been chosen, I probably wouldn't have been asked to help with music. I was a little upset about not being chosen, but God showed me yet again His timing is best.

I can't wait! I've been needing focus, and this is exactly what I need. God didn't give me what I wanted, but what I needed. I had been floundering for some time, not really committed to anything, depressed, with no goals or aspirations for myself, which is not a good place for me to be. Now I'm going to have to practice several hours a day and I'm going to love it.

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